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One single ant entering your home can be the start of an infestation. We are here to prevent that from happening in the first place.

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The Ants Go Marching One by One…


The battle against ants can sometimes feel futile. All it takes is one or two stray crumbs that get left behind in the kitchen, and the next thing you know, ants are raiding your house for food. With more than 700 species of ants in the United States and more than 20 that are known to invade homes, its no surprise that people deal with ants on a regular basis. We recognize the speed with which an ant colony can takeover your home, so we make proper ant control and prevention a priority with our services.

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As with most pests, proper identification is critical, especially with ants. Each species of ants requires slightly different treatment methods, so getting an idea of the type of ant invaders will be priority number one. We are trained and licensed pest control experts, ensuring that no matter where the ants are coming from or what kind of ants you have, we can give you a guarantee that the ants will be eliminated. Whether you currently have an infestation or you want to have preventive maintenance to make sure you never get one, give us a call today!

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