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Mice and Rats can be annoying, but they can also endanger your family’s health.

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When it comes to pest control in Coon Rapids, mice and rats are one of the main issues that families deal with, especially in the fall and winter time. Rodents carry diseases and can breed as young as six weeks old, quickly turning a couple of mice into an infestation. Getting rid of rodents in and around your home is a top priority for NBK Pest Control. You can rest assured knowing that we will not only get rid of mice that you might already have, but we will prevent them from coming back.

What We Do

Identification is the first step in tackling any rodent issues. In most cases, we will use a combination of treatment methods to be more effective. We offer a free inspection to help identify the problem before you’re committed to anything. We always make sure that you’re satisfied:

  • We use the most environmentally friendly products
  • We only use products and methods that keep your family and pets safe. No secondary poisoning here
  • Our services are guaranteed. If you continue to see rodents, give us a call

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