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Year-Round Protection From Spiders

It’s no secret that during different seasons of the year, there are different species of spiders that are roaming around. At NBK Pest Control, we make it a point to modify our treatment methods for each season, ensuring that no matter what time of year it is, spiders won’t be nesting or breeding in your home. While most spiders are not dangerous to people, some species can bite with venom that might necessitate a trip to the hospital. Whether you’re dealing with black widows or you’re just dealing with your average wolf spider, we will get rid of the spiders.

Spider Treatments

Unfortunately, there isn’t a product on the market that can penetrate spider eggs. This means that it is unlikely that one treatment will completely get rid of spiders. Spider removal is an ongoing process involving the de-webbing the eaves and visible harborages, treating baseboards on the interior and treating the foundation on the exterior. Despite being a more resilient insect than most, we can give you a guarantee that after a few treatments, your home will be spider free.

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