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What is NBK?

NBK is Twin-Cities based full service structural Pest Control company which focuses on mice, roaches, bedbugs, spiders, ants, bees, and pretty much anything else that you need eliminated! Whether you need a one time pest elimination or would like an annual preventative pest control program NBK can customize a program or service that meets your needs! NBK specializes in residential, commercial, and multi-housing structures. NBK services the Twin-Cities and surrounding areas. Call today to schedule your free assessment!!

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My name is Brad Adam and I am the founder of NBK Pest Control. (pictured above with my family)  I'm local, licensed, insured, and have about 10 years experience in the pest control industry. I've covered all areas within the industry. My passion is building great relationships with the people I work for and explaining my treatment process from the beginning until the end. I explain how the material I use works and what my clients can expect. I pride myself on eliminating pests effectively and I make sure the pest problem is solved each and everytime! I will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied and pest free! 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Friendly. Knowledgeable. Fast response and great price! Would definitely rehire." -Carrie Greicar

"Very professional and answered all my questions- went above and beyond to be helpful and find the problem" -Theresa Whiteford

"Brad is very knowledgeable and one of friendliest people you'll ever meet!" -Kyle K

"Super friendly and knowledgeable, was able to help me the day after I called. Highly recommended!" -Patty Van Reese

"I hired Brad to help with my mouse problem after battling them the last 2 years with 3 other companies. He stopped out, explained what he was doing and how the material worked, and haven't had a problem since! Nice work Brad!" -Tom Robinson

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