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Rodent Pest Control

Mice and Rats can be annoying, but they can also endanger the health of your family. Our rodent control service will solve your problem in no time!

Pest Control for Rodents

When it comes to pest control in Coon Rapids, mice and rats are one of the main issues that families deal with, especially in the fall and winter time. Rodents carry diseases and can breed as young as six weeks old, quickly turning a couple of mice into an infestation. Getting rid of rodents in and around your home is a top priority for NBK Pest Control. You can rest assured knowing that we will not only get rid of mice that you might already have, but we will prevent them from coming back.
how to get rid of rodents
rodent pest control services

Rodent Extermination

Identification is the first step in tackling any rodent issues. In most cases, we will use a combination of treatment methods to be more effective. We offer a free inspection to help identify the problem before you are committed to anything.

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how to get rid of rodents

Insect Identification: Rodents

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Tonique AYLER
Tonique AYLER
February 19, 2022.
Timely effective services guaranteed
Rory O'Brien
Rory O'Brien
February 4, 2022.
I spoke to Brad yesterday, and Chris was out today to seal up my foundation etc. to prevent mice ingress. So far, they were great to work with and NBK's 1 year warranty was the same price as Plunkett's 90 day. I will update this review in the future.
Kevin Quintanilla-Toledo
Kevin Quintanilla-Toledo
February 1, 2022.
NBK was recommended to me by a friend who had rentals and had a bed bug issue. Brad was super knowledgeable and he was very honest. He came on time and communicated very well. I had a mouse problem and he was very meticulous on looking for the issue. I learned that there is a difference between treating the problem vs eliminating the problem. Brad is my go to guy for my rentals if I have any pest problem. Highly recommended.
Jocelyn McQuirter
Jocelyn McQuirter
January 20, 2022.
Brad did a timely and high quality job treating my property. From inside and out he was meticulous in the process and explained his work while also offering additional value adds. Highly recommend the business and will definitely refer people. Thanks again!
shan l
shan l
January 7, 2022.
Quick response! Very knowledgeable and professional. One visit and bye-bye mice!!! Good to know there is a 3 month guarantee (they had to come out a 2nd time .. I had lots of mice, friendly, professional and confident that they will keep coming out until the mice are gone!)


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